Ningbo JingRui Communication Equipment Co., a comprehensive enterprise devoted to the research, development, sale and production of communication products. The main products are FTTX comprehensive solutions, FTTH fiber to household line series, the mainproducts of the company are ODF wiring frame, fiber wiring frame, optical cable connection box, network cabinet, ODF unit box, Plastic fiber box, fiber-optic panel, joint box, and all kinds of materials indoor and outdoor fiber division light box series, core communication has been market demand oriented, diversified development, diversified products, continuous innovation and research and development, constantly adapt to the needs of modern society.
The company uses quality first, customer first as the management tenet, with high quality and high quality service as business strategy, strictly control quality system, thus improve product quality guarantee, also perfect its own management level, company persevering in service, ensure delivery and after-sales service on schedule, in order to help each user In the fierce market competition to seize the opportunity. We will continue to provide quality communication products and services for new and old customers. We are willing to work together with all manufacturers to create a bettertomorrow.

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