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[communication] how to arrange the cabinets and cables well?

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We can see a lot of cabinets in the machine room. In fact, they are not only the function of the cabinet, many cabinet are equipped with USP power, together with the auxiliary function of the protection system. There are a lot of cables and equipment in it. It can solve the problem of high density heat dissipation in the computer.

On the premise of meeting the reliability of the data center machine room system, the rational determination of the layout of the machine cabinet can not only reduce the investment and reduce the energy consumption, but also facilitate the operation and maintenance in the future, and prolong the service life of the machine room. How to layout and arrange things inside the cabinet?

Type selection and space selection of cabinet

According to the space of the large customer's machine room and the size of the original cabinet, from the view of the overall beauty of the machine room, try to choose the cabinet with the same size as the original cabinet in the machine room. The height of the cabinet should be more 20%-30% for system expansion, which can also improve the ventilation condition of the equipment.

Two. The installation requirements of the cabinet

According to the space size of the machine room, the front of the cabinet is facing the door, the space of the front and back of the cabinet is at least 600mm space, which is convenient for the installation and operation of the equipment in the cabinet, and it is necessary to keep a certain width to facilitate the personnel to reach the back of the cabinet.

Three. The installation layout and requirements of the equipment in the cabinet

The cabinet is mainly divided into 4 parts from top to bottom: the AC distribution unit, the distribution rack, the active device and the optical cable terminal box.

The installation position of the whole cabinet is as follows:

The order is from top to bottom.

The switch measured 100 to the voice rack;

The outside line measurement 100 pairs of voice frame;

Network distribution frame;

Wire rack;


Wire feeder;


Bridge or fiber optic transceiver;

PDH optical transceiver;

Voice switch;

Optical cable terminal box;

Note: considering the situation of direct customers, small projects can not apply the network wiring frame, only use the mode of the switch to complete the network wiring. The premise is that the network line to the cabinet, according to the switch position to keep the length of the network line in advance and do a good job label, try not to let the wire rack with too many plates stay.

Four. The requirement of the walking line in the cabinet

1. The distribution of all kinds of information cable

The laying of cables should be natural and straight, and no distortion or lap joints should be generated. It should not be extruded or damaged by external forces. The ends of cables should be labeled with labels, and labels should be written clearly and accurately, and materials that are not damaged easily.

2, different line layout requirements

The lines with different voltage grades and different current categories should be separately arranged and separated. The minimum net spacing between the cables should be in accordance with the requirements.

3. General requirements for cable end connection

The cable in the cabinet should be introduced into the cabinet from the bottom of the cabinet, and the cable frame is introduced along the sides of the rear side of the cabinet. The single cable color standard in the connecting block of the jumper should be arranged according to the laws of blue, orange, green and brown, and the logarithmic cables are arranged in sequence according to the combination of standard chromatography.

When everything is ready and checked correctly, then connect to the power supply and carry out network connectivity test to ensure the normal working of users. This is the most important thing.

The above is the related suggestion of the cabinet installation in the computer room, reasonable layout can reduce many unnecessary troubles in the future, and facilitate management and improve efficiency.
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